How to Register for Online Togel

How to Register for Online Togel

You already know that in the era of advancement in the virtual world like now there are such many trusted online lottery bookies scattered in cyberspace. The best and most trusted online lottery agent such as Airtogel is one of the most trusted online lottery dealers at this time, because it has never made all members disappointed.

How to Register for Online Togel – LaguTogel

Basically, this trusted online lottery bookie game system is almost the same as that in the lottery gambling game in general, the only difference is the facilities. The winning prizes offered by Airtogel are even very tempting for all members.

In addition to winning prizes, at trusted online lottery gambling agents such as Airtogel there are also not many promos and bonuses that have been provided for all players, so immediately become a member of a trusted online lottery dealer. So that you can become a member, you only have to register online lottery via cyberspace, here we provide instructions on How to Register Online Togel at Airtogel.

Please activate the virtual world and visit the Airtogel site to enter the Register menu. Then then you will be directed to the display of a player recording spreadsheet that you should fill in each column.

The first column is Name. The purpose of this column is that you should fill in such a column with ID click 4d or your nickname which will later become a User account to log into the game.

Then the second column is Kata. In this column you fill in the keywords you want, fill in keywords that are difficult to guess, just in case if you forget one day, just try to write them down Data SGP.

Then in the third column there is a Word Confirmation Column, to fill in this column you just need to re-enter the keywords you entered above. Note that this column should be filled in the same as the second column.

Next in the fourth column there is a Mail Column, to fill in this column you just have to enter your e-mail that is active and that is used daily, or if you don’t have one, you can make an e-mail free of charge on Gmail or Yahoo. Then your Indonesian lottery will be sent via e-mail.

For the fifth column there is a Phone Number Column, in this column you just have to enter your active cellphone number and can be contacted, because it is for the benefit of the information that you will receive later. Then your Hong Kong lottery will be sent via SMS.

In the sixth column there is a Bank Column, in this column you just have to choose the name of the bank appropriate to the variety of banks that you use to carry out Toto HK deposit transactions and withdraw later.

In the seventh column there is an Account Column, in this column you should enter the complete name in the passbook according to your savings account. It’s easier for you to just look at your savings book.

Next in the eighth column there is an Account Number Column, to fill in this column you should fill in your complete bank deposit number and make no mistake. You guys while checking your passbook.

In the ninth Column there is a Validation Column, for this column you only need to copy the numbers listed next to the column.

For the last step, if you have filled all the columns correctly, you can immediately click the Submit button to complete the registration, SGP Prize .

You click the submit button so your online lottery list has entered, and the next step you just have to wait is that your ID and lottery gambling account pass will be sent via e-mail or sms.

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